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Press Release

The Municipal Gallery of Corfu welcomes Nikos Ventouras. On May 29th 2016, Sunday, the gallery opens with a retrospective exhibit of Corfiot engraver Nikos Ventouras at the Department of the Peristyle of the Palace, in the section of periodic exhibitions.

Nikos Ventouras (1899 – 1990) was born in Corfu where he lived and worked quietly for many years, unseen by the general public. In his own words Nikos Ventouras was “self-taught, except lithography which he was apprenticed”. His academic studies in chemistry helped him experiment with materials and the effects of corrosion times in order to accurately reflect the image of the work he had visualized.

In a large chapter of his work, such as the imposing ships and the island of Corfu, it is clearly evidenced that, his work, is powered by naturalistic shapes to form abstract formulations. In smaller projects such as the mystical litany processions and the popular constellations, color escapes the contours with clear expressionist moods.

The exhibit monitors the progress of the artist from his early paintings, the period of apprenticeship near Angelos Giallinas and onto the late engravings. A route which demonstrates a continuous and systematic labor of the creator, the internal consistency of his artistic course and keeping up with the biggest art movements of his time.

Practical information
Exhibit curator: Marina Papasotiriou,
Curator of the National Gallery – Corfu Anex
Opening: May 29th, 20.00
Duration: May 29th – October 9th 2016
Opening hours: 10.00 – 16.00
Telephone: +302661048690
Web site: http://www.artcorfu.com
Email: pinakcrf1@gmail.com

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